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Guide to Steel Casting Methods


Many industries need steel parts and manufacturers of these use steel casting, which is the process of forming steel into different shapes using molds and other methods.  When iron casts are not strong enough or does not have enough resistance for the part that is being produce then most companies use steel casting.


There are many products that can be made from stainless steel castings and some of these items are valves, pumps, engine casings, turbine wheel, and some important parts which are used in different industries such as mining, marine, and automotive equipment.


Carbon steel or alloy steel are the materials used in steel casting.  Whether they use carbon steel or alloy steel, there are benefits to gain from using these materials.  These metals are considered very important for some companies that are found within the construction industry because steel provides a lot more strength than any other kind of metal.  Steel can be cast easily and it is also resistant to corrosion.


Different methods have been developed in the process of casting steel into steel cast parts.


One method called the Szkeley method makes use of metal molds and these molds are specifically coated with a mixture of chalk and paraffin.  Although said to be a complex method in creating steel casts, the Szekely method, nevertheless, is preferred by many manufacturers and is one of the most popular methods used today.


The Slavianoff method is different from the one mentioned above because it concentrates on melting the steel to create casts.  In this method of electric alloy casting, steel is melted before transferring it to a plate for electric casting.


The sand core process is the least popular because many feel that there are more benefits from the other two mentioned above which are more popular methods.


The Shaw method, Norton Fluid Rolling process, Bessermer's method, Whilteley's method, and Peilsticker and Mueller's process are the other least popular methods used for steel casting.  All of these methods have their own benefits over the other and it is important to make a research first to determine which method you would use to create your steel cast parts.


Companies that use steel parts should speak directly with the manufacturer of your steel parts to determine what they feel should be the best method to use to manufacture the steel parts that you need.


The method that you will choose should be the most beneficial to your company, and whatever that method be that will produce the steel cast parts needed by your business, you are sure that it will give you the best end results that you could hope for.